The Youth Empowerment Squad (YES​) is a dba of Disadvantaged Youth Alliance, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation licensed in CA.  

YES is dedicated to helping low income, foster youth, former foster youth, and other underprivileged students acquire the knowledge, skills, tools, funding, and confidence to be able to go to college and not only better their lives, but also the lives of generations to come.

YES brings together a wide range of experts to help disadvantaged students be able to get into, pay for, and be successful in college or other higher education opportunities. YES has teamed up with high school teachers, counselors, and administrators; university admissions specialists, financial aid experts, and professors; local, state, and national elected officials; Washington D.C. consultants; and numerous other volunteers who have gifted us with their valuable time, resources, and various areas of expertise to give each student the guidance needed to succeed in college and in life.

YES is always looking for volunteers to help us with our mission, no matter the time or money you are able to give.  Please go to our Contact Us page to offer anything you might have that can help. 

About Us